Multidisciplinary Designer

I am a critically acclaimed Multidisciplinary Designer with over six years of advertising experience. I also am a Filmmaker and Composer.

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PNC Bank Infographic — Noah Daniel Smith

PNC bank asked me to create a series of infographics for their Achievement Sessions.
The typography, color, and styling used are based off of their existing brand.

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Noah Daniel Smith

Noah Daniel Smith

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PayPal Canada — Noah Daniel Smith

PayPal Canada asked me to score two of their commercials introducing, PayPal Here.
See the two spots below and listen to the scores individually.

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MailChimp Culture — Noah Daniel Smith

I had the pleasure of working with MailChimp to create three custom music scores for a video series about their culture featured on their jobs page. Check out the awesome videos and listen to the full songs below.

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Kill Bill Infographic — Noah Daniel Smith

I created a timeline of the movie, Kill Bill. Much like my Pulp Fiction graphic, I decided to put it in chronological order.

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Contently — Noah Daniel Smith

In honor of David Carr, I was asked by the cool team at Contently to design some images with quotes by him. My role included selecting the images/typefaces and laying out the quotes.
They also tasked me with creating a series of images to visually tell the story of many quotes. My contribution included deciding on the images to be used along with the typefaces and then laying out the quotes.